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About Us

SUKI CHEEMA, highlighting the love affair between art, travel and textiles, places bright colors and bold prints at the heart of his collection of timeless modern designs.  Inspired by world travel, each season Suki and his team search the globe for the most invigorating regions, interpreting the sights and cultures into beautiful contemporary textiles.  The range features hand silk-screened prints and embroidery techniques that are centuries old.  Prints are paired with the, often unusual, use of embroidery for added texture and dimension.  While honoring and utilizing the artisanship and crafts of his ancestors, Suki’s design sensibility reflects a refreshing vision of the world.

It is no surprise that Suki created a textile company with an eye for distinctive yet timeless pieces.  As a child he would often find himself in his mother’s dowry amongst rich fabrics, blankets and his most cherished heirloom – a hand woven kissie made by his nana for his mother on her wedding day.  Driven by his love for beautiful textiles and ancient techniques, Suki studied printmaking at Central Saint Martins in London, graduating in 1999. After school, he spent a year journeying the world, which spurred his now concrete passion for travel. During his explorations, he took hundreds of photos and translated them to prints that then caught the attention of Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren – all of whom enlisted his talents for color, textiles and printmaking. After meeting Diane von Furstenberg in 2002, Suki joined the design team to create prints for this iconic brand. Inspired by Diane to be passionate and follow his dreams, Suki launched SUKI CHEEMA.

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